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Almost everything illegal that exists in the world is sold on Kraken. Relaxing substances, information about other people's bank accounts and last known whereabouts of a person, counterfeit money and documents, secret databases, weapons and even services that make it possible to physically influence enemies - this is only a small part of what can be found on the website . Most of these services usually cost no more than tens of thousands of rubles. Extravagant proposals, such as changing one’s identity or secretly removing a person from the state on a turnkey basis, have become most relevant in light of the latest events, but they cost much more. There are also quite ordinary things on - electronics, branded clothing and various literature. For one reason or another, these goods are simply not imported into the Russian Federation, but people really need them. Marketplace delivery assumes a high degree of anonymity for both buyer and seller, so they never overlap. To summarize the above, users go to Kraken because it has everything they might need.


The dangers facing 2krn Kraken users are often exaggerated. Yes, there is always a risk of encountering illegal activity, but a reasonable person simply will not participate in it. To protect yourself from cybercriminals, all you need to do is follow standard online security guidelines. Always use the secure TOP browser, enable VPN, and do not download dubious files that can harm your device or you in general. As for direct purchases on the 2krn website, the Kraken administration monitors the transactions and if scammers are detected, your money will be returned to you and they will be removed from the site.